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Find below a few of the lovely words previous clients and club members have said about the Urbane. If you have more to add, please contact us or leave a Google and Yelp Review

“Attending an event at The Urbane Arts Club is like stepping into a chapter from a captivating novel. From literary evenings that rekindle the magic of timeless tales to the enchanting ambiance that sparks conversations, every moment here is a delightful journey."


"Our wedding at The Urbane was nothing short of magical. The venue radiates an enchanting charm that captured our hearts and those of our guests. Months later, friends and family continue to rave about the spellbinding space and the memories we crafted there. Thank you, The Urbane, for turning our dream day into a reality"


"We celebrated our son's Bar Mitzvah at The Urbane and were absolutely thrilled with the experience. The multiple rooms provided the perfect setup for the youngsters. They had a blast with a dedicated games room, and the dance-offs in the ballroom were epic! The venue added a layer of sophistication that catered to every guest, young and old"


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